Muses de la Mer

Spring – Summer 2022 Collection

Drawing inspiration from the legend of the sirens, the collection transports us to the iconic age of
Greek mythology.

The daughters of Calliope, the muse of poetry, these winged mythical beings have fascinated people
for centuries. With their enchanting voices, these creatures lure and bewitch any man who dares to
venture upon their shores. They are the embodiment of attraction and irresistible charm.

Through the collection, Georges Makaroun brilliantly transcribes this legend through sensual
silhouettes combining embroidery and precious feathers for a divine allure that reflects these mythical

Through patterns and embroidery that unite the aerial and aquatic worlds, the designer creates his
modern sirens of the 21st century: seductive, charming and mesmerizing women.

‘Muse de la Mer’ is a spectacular journey into Ancient Greece, for a collection that is both sensual
and captivating.

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Photos Credits


Photographer: Luigi Di Donna, Models: Katya Kyss, Aluna Krasina, Marie-Elisabeth, Stylist: Signature assisté de
Adrien Waltz, Makeup: Elsa Castro, Hair: Kelia, Post Production: Nj Production

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