Fall-Winter 2022/23 Collection

After showcasing his siren-inspired collection « Muses de la Mer », the designer has extended his
artistic vision to recreate the epic, The Odyssey, a founding myth of Greek culture by the famous poet,

This captivating narrative plunges us into an epic journey where the cunning Ulysse, braves numerous
lands to return to his own and find his beloved Penelope. A long and eventful journey where Ulysse
encounters many fascinating and hazardous situations.

Georges Makaroun reinterprets this mythical legend with a profound look on love, perseverance, and
courage. Greek symbols are modernized through embroidered motifs from the Ancient world. He
takes his inspiration from mythical creatures such as nymphs and creates graceful and divine looks
worthy of Olympian Gods.

’L’Odyssée’ collection takes you on a singular and heroic adventure, bridging past with present.

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Photos Credits


Photographer: Luigi Di Donna, Models: Katya Kyss, Aluna Krasina, Marie-Elisabeth, Stylist: Signature assisté de
Adrien Waltz, Makeup: Elsa Castro, Hair: Kelia, Post Production: Nj Production

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