Timeless beauty, femininity and romance are celebrated throughout Georges Makaroun’s made-to-measure wedding dresses.

Inspired by the Maison’s savoir-faire and audacious designs, each dress is distinguished by its graceful spirit.


Unique Silhouette

Classic & Poetic, Modern & Daring, or Simply Seductive, each creation reflects the Bride’s desires for her most memorable day

Exceptional Quality

Hand-made with the most noble materials, each dress reveals luxurious fabrics and delicate embroideries


Co-creating your dress, and seeing your dream come true; the promise of rare emotions


Inspired by the famous rose windows of Notre-Dame Cathedral, the collection
pays homage to this Parisian jewel through architectural and sensual

 Elixir Impérial

With a true appreciation for Japanese flowers and they powerful symbolism,
Georges Makaroun has imagined his own imperial garden, mixing flora and fauna.

 La Naissance de Vénus

Inspired by Sandro Botticelli’s famous work, The Birth of Venus, the
collection takes on the pastel tones and the finesse of the painting.

 Secret de mon étoile

Inspired by the 1920s, Georges Makaroun has created timeless silhouettes
that pay homage to an elegant and spontaneous woman.

 Double Jeu

Georges Makaroun presents to you a world where women have a sensitive
duality, perfectly blending strength, energy and courage with a hint of gentle
softness and finesse.

 Promenade à Paris

Inspired by the parisian flower gardens, Georges Makaroun has imagined his own
garden and brings flowers to life for a joyful silhouette

Desert Rose Fashion Editorial – Tatler Weddings Magazine Issue #18
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