Rosaces Bridal Collection

Inspired by the famous rose windows of Notre-Dame Cathedral,

Georges Makaroun’s Spring-Summer 2020 collection, “Rosaces”, pays homage to this Parisian jewel

through architectural and sensual silhouettes that live up to these illustrious and emblematic works that are part of our heritage.


By associating the rose, symbol of purity and love, with the wheel, solar symbol of unity,

Georges Makaroun creates a collection that combines harmony with renewal.


As such, he takes this Gothic art and modernizes it with finesse,

using embroidery in the form of medallions and pastel patterns evoking roses with multicolored glass petals,

thus constituting the flowers of heaven.


Powerful yet soft, sensual and angelic,

for this season Georges Makaroun has designed a collection that is rich in spirituality.

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