La Sylphide

Fall – Winter 2021/22 Collection

Inspired by the magical sets of the mythical ballet “La Sylphide” presented at the Paris Opera in 1832,
the collection features a world of enchantment.

By combining volumes with the most noble fabrics,
Georges Makaroun imagines magical silhouettes in dazzling colors.

The mystical forest, where young sylphs live happily, far from human eyes, lends its sparkling foliage to a choreography of ivy and
laurel in a thousand shades that delicately envelop the body.

The dresses inspired by the Sylph, the ballet’s protagonist,
represent a feminine ideal and a luminous beauty. With sublime winged embroidery and draped silk, they are voluptuous
yet light and transparent for a twirling Sylph with unreal grace who is free to move as she wishes.

Finally, staying in this magical atmosphere, the “Enchanteresse” dress is inspired by the ballet’s malicious enchantress,
with deep colours as well as white silk, the fruit of her power.

Photo Credits


Photographer: Nahoko Spiess, Models: Clara Biagi and Xin Wang, Stylist: Suna Moya, Makeup: Joseph for Patrick and Marcel, Hair: Patrick for Patrick and Marcel, Photo Assistant: Nathan Bourdon, Video: Maissane Fritz, Location: Hotel la Belle Juliette, Magazine: Qcegmag


Photographer: Christina V Henningstad, Models: Felicie Magnolia and Kassia Magnolia, Stylists: Antoine Schmidt and Mila Eva , Makeup: Serguei Chatel, MUAH: Camille Laura Boudet, Production: Fashionview, Retoucher: Anastasia Prosalenti, Location: Millennium Hotel Paris Opera, Magazine: Anonfashionmag

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